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The health and safety of our families and staff is our top priority. Here are our new procedures:
  • All adults should wear masks at Kinder World
  • The parking lot will be closed so parents can line up for social-distanced drop off/pickups outside. You should drop off and pick up your child off at a designated parent table outside.
  • No personal items from home are allowed, except a change of clothes brought in a plastic bag, which should stay on site.
  • Only one adult per family should enter the parking lot
  • All persons entering the site should have their temperatures taken
  • All adults should answer health questions upon arrival:
    • In the last 24 hours, has anyone in your family been:
      • in contact with someone with a confirmed case for COVID 19?
      • in contact with someone under quarantine for COVID 19?
      • Had any of the following symptoms?
        • ​Cough
        • Fever
        • Shortness of Breath
  • Lowest child to teacher ratios

  • Age-appropriate learning activities

  • Permitted teachers

  • Multiple locations

  • Multilingual teachers

  • USDA Dietician-approved menu

Prepare your child for life!

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