Enrollment Information


We accept children ages 1 to 5 who have not already begun kindergarten. Please make an appointment and bring All forms and supporting documents to Kinder World in order for the enrollment process to begin. Children do not need to be potty trained in order to attend preschool.

Note: If you are enrolling at Treehouse Learning Center or Tiny Scholars, complete the financial assistance documents as well as the enrollment packets for your respective school.


Documents Needed to Enroll:

Directions to Download Forms: When the form appears, simply save it to your computer. Then just fill out each form on your computer (don’t forget to save them) and print them. Some forms (for example, the Employment Verification or Physician’s Report forms) may require you to have another person complete part of the form.  If the forms don’t open on your computer, it may be because you don’t have the Adobe Reader software on your computer. Download the free Adobe Reader software, just go to http://get.adobe.com/reader for instructions. After you have downloaded the Adobe Reader software, please return to this web site to download the forms.

Documents needed to apply for financial assistance:
  • One month of current income (paychecks, disability, unemployment stub or TANF verification).
  • Proof of CA residency (EX: gas bill).
  • Birth Certificate or Passport to Services
  • All of the documents below:
If you are applying for financial assistance, please complete these additional enrollment forms below:
If Applicable: